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WR28 Waveguide-Coaxial Adapter18-26.5GHz

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Coaxial rectangular waveguide adapter is an indispensable component in the field of radio and television transmission system and microwave communication. Coaxial waveguide adapter is widely used in many microwave systems, such as antenna, transmitter, receiver and carrier terminal equipment. In the microwave input and output circuit, the strong reflected wave may cause serious interference to the normal operation of the transmitter or other cascaded devices, resulting in the unstable performance of the microwave system. Therefore, the basic requirements for conversion are: (1) low VSWR and low insertion loss; (2) Sufficient bandwidth; (3) Easy to design and process. It can be be manufactured per customer request.

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Waveguide WR28
Frequency Range(GHz) 18-26.5
VSWR 1.25Typ
Flange APF42
Connector 2.92mm(K)
Material Brass
Size(mm) 24*19.1*19.1
Net Weight(Kg) 0.02Around

Product Description

In the field of RF and microwave signal transmission, except that wireless signal transmission does not need transmission lines, transmission lines are still needed for signal transmission in most scenes, in which coaxial lines and waveguides are widely used to transmit microwave and RF energy. The most widely used waveguide in the market is rectangular waveguide, and the most commonly used coaxial line for communication is 50 Ω coaxial cable assembly. The two transmission lines have great differences in size, material and transmission characteristics. However, due to its wide application, our engineers often encounter the need to interconnect the two transmission lines, which is why we need a coaxial waveguide converter. Coaxial waveguide converter plays an indispensable role in various radar systems, precision guidance systems and test equipment. The bandwidth of coaxial line and waveguide is relatively wide when transmitting respectively. The bandwidth after connection depends on the converter, that is, the matching of characteristic impedance of coaxial waveguide.

The waveguide coaxial conversion of XEXA Tech has wide frequency band, complete specifications and varieties, low VSWR and insertion loss.

It can be applied to satellite communication, radar, wireless communication, industrial microwave, microwave test and measurement system, medical microwave system, etc.

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